Is your Restaurant or Catering business dealing with?

Higher Labor Costs

Higher Labor Costs

Huge Commissions

Delivery Companies taking huge commissions on every

High Reservation Fees

Reservation Platforms charging an arm and a leg

Hiring Difficulties

Hiring quality people for your business becoming tougher to find

Low Quality Leads

Missing quality leads on Facebook and Instagram because you’re not properly staffed

Social Media Challenges

Has your marketing on Social Media become stale because you don’t buy ads

Let MyDiningBot be your Virtual Assistant.

MyDiningBot is your 24/7/365 Virtual Assistant that handles every part of your business.

Using our technology, we’ve created a simple way to quantify your website traffic far better than analytics. We”ve created “flow”! Flow allows conversations to be organic, using Artificial Intelligence or better known as AI! Using AI, we allow a conversation to naturally occur between the person at your website and our special bot or robot! With every “chat” the bot gains control of the flow and automatically adapts to whatever conversation is being generated!

Your Restaurant
will now be able to

  • Generate more leads for events and catering
  • Hire and staff more effectively
  • Create state of the art promotions through the bot with
  • Generate more likes at your social media platform
  • Never miss a prospect’s message or let a problem linger
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Let MyDiningBot to do the work

Using MyDiningBot, the restaurant will have the option to sit back and let your personalized bot handle every conversation or if you see a chat that piques your interest to be able to “jump on in”.

Let our virtual assistant “do the work” , allowing your staff to focus on other tasks and being far more productive.

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Create state of the art marketing campaigns

With Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram losing their organic feel and making businesses purchase ads to make up the difference, Bots are proving to generate far greater effectiveness than Digital Agencies and traditional methods like posting a photo or a video.

Create state of the art marketing campaigns through the bot which can be tracked to measure effectiveness!

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